The Phavon project

What is Phavon ?

Phavon is a clone of the old times Amiga classic game "Xenon 2: The megablast", originally produced by The Bitmap Brothers.

The code for the Linux version has been rewritten completely from scratch and is currently based on graphics and sounds borrowed from the "Xenon 2000: Project PCF" one-level version of the game (available here). It would be desirable, though, to create entirely new graphics and sound in order to have a completely GPL'ed game. For more info, please have a look at the License section.

The author(s) of this project are not in any way related to The Bitmap Brothers, even though they kindly agreed that we could reuse the graphics of their demo for our project. Please note that the original games Xenon, Xenon 2 and Xenon 2K are (C) The Bitmap Brothers.


The insane mind behind Phavon is Gianluca Insolvibile. Fierce criticisms should be directed to him for any issues related to the game.

How do I contribute ?

Any help will be very welcome. There are a lot of tasks to be covered, both on the development and on the artwork side. These are just some issues that need to be addressed: If you want to join the project, pick up a task and drop me a line.


Thanks to Bitmap Brothers for letting me borrow their graphics and even admit it publicly ;-).

Also thanks to Lelino for providing a first alternative soundtrack.